Sassy Unicorns.

Sassy Unicorns are unique, handmade and randomly generated 2D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some are just damn cool! Maybe some even look familiar!


Sassy Unicorns

utility-focused Unicorns-themed NFT project that allows holders to generate a utility token called *$SUNI, mint **Sassy Unicorns* and use it in the *Suniverse*.

Baby Unicorns

In order to expand the Sassy Unicorns Universe the mad scientist Beka Ha created a sassy breeding process allowing ‘cute as a button’ Baby Unicorns to be produced by breeding two Sassy Unicorns


Full Commercial Rights on all Sassy Unicorns assets You own all commercial rights to the images of all your Sassy Unicorns



$SUNI Token?

Everything $SUNi

$SUNI sits at the core of everything in the Sassy Unicorns universe. As the universe grows more utility will be added. The mission of Sassy Unicorns extends further than a 2D PFP, or a 3D avatar. It's about family, utility, and of course the main life source of any unicorn, $SUNI that lets us fuel our ecosystem the TRUE way, on the blockchain.


Every Sassy Unicorn yields 7 $SUNI a day. A days hard work paid with the most delicious treat.


Got lore for your Unicorns ? 100 $SUNI and it is on the blockchain. Custom name needed? That's 10 $SUNI.


Hold any two Sassy Unicorns in your wallet and burn 600 $SUNI to recieve a Baby Unicorn

Meet Sassy Unicorns Team




Man behind project


Lead Designer


Creative Designer



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